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My career started as a professional hockey player at the age of 17. Sixteen broken bones later – including one fractured skull – it was time for a change.

As one does, I moved to Latin America and joined a human rights organization where I had two life-changing realizations: I was spending more on a latte than many of my friends earned in a day, and I was extraordinarily good at crafting stories that inspired action.

So I joined the world of advertising to dismantle materialism from the inside out. Obviously.

I became an award-winning strategist working with the likes of Google, PUMA, Reebok, Viacom, IMG, and Advil.

After several years, I set sail as an entrepreneur founding Earmark, a financial technology company that was named CNNs top 15 financial products of 2013. After exiting, I founded Moon March to help worthwhile ventures establish their brand, craft beautiful experiences, and build their audience. Long story short, we bring world-class talent to companies making the world a better place. 

And now you are on my website and we’re practically best friends.

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