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Dollar Shave Club – Startup

Dulux Walls Ad – Director’s Cut

Perfect initiative for a paint brand to be part of.

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Levi’s Ready To Work Social Initiative

I really love seeing brands giving back to their community, and doing so in a way that matches the very essence of who they are.

“When the steel mills closed in Braddock, PA, they left behind a dwindling population living in near apocalyptic circumstances. Now, a new generation of urban pioneers has come with a mission- to create a new frontier from the ashes of the once vibrant town. Brought to you by Levi’s in partnership with IFC and Sundance Channel.”

I haven’t watched all the episodes yet, but I’m excited to dig in. Thanks to @rmoede for the heads up.

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A Useful Guide to the Brand Utility

I’m excited to see more people talking, and writing, about branded utility in advertising. I was at the Creative unConference in NYC this month, and this was a significant topic of discussion.

Check out my branded utility presentation as well if you’re interested.

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Branded Utility – The Future of Marketing

Above is my latest slide deck entitled “Branded Utility – The (already happening) future of marketing.” I first gave it at my work’s weekly “Lab Share” and I thought I’d post it here as well.

What’s a “Lab Share” you ask? Each week at my company, Viget Labs, someone has an opportunity to present on just about anything (including hockey fighting), but mostly it’s on industry trends. I gave this presentation in an effort to shape my department, and my company – both of whom I love. I omitted a few company specific slides (how this applies type stuff) and there’s obviously a bit lost without the audio, but it should make sense.

The concept of “Branded Utility” certainly isn’t new, but I would say it’s new-er and I would also say that by no means has it been widely accepted, or widely disseminated. It prompted some great discussion internally, hopefully it does the same for you.

Let me know what you think!